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Residential clients across Northern Ontario and the Muskokas rely on Northland to install and service their water well needs.

Water well construction

Construction of new, watertight, contamination-free water supply wells

Water wells include 6-inch casing, approximately 2 feet above ground


Well maintenance, repairs and upgrades

Northland provides water well maintenance services, reducing risks to your water supply and preventing costly and inconvenient breakdowns.


Well chlorination/“shock chlorination”: to control bacteria and build-up of contaminants


Repairs: of cracks or shifts in well casing, providing stabilization to the well and keeping the sides from caving in


Upgrades: retrofitting your existing well to a new 6-inch casing, in compliance with Ontario’s Wells Regulation (903)

Well pump installation

Northland provides complete installations of submersible pumps—ensuring your home, cottage or trailer is supplied with safe drinking water.


Well abandonment (decommission)

Got a well that is no longer in use, dried up, or broken beyond repair? Northland can decommission it for you—essentially, closing up the well as per provincial regulations.

water well construction
pump installation
well maintenance

Constant pressure systems

Ensure your residential water flow remains even, steady, strong and consistent, no matter how many people or appliances are using it at the same time. 

well accessories



Want to hide an unsightly well? We offer decorative items such as hollowed/artificial rocks, making your well less visible to passers-by.

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