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See how we drill a well



Can I drill my water well anywhere on my property?

No. Improperly located wells can lead to well water contamination. We recommend that a new well be constructed 50 feet away from:


  • Septic beds

  • Establishments that house herbicides and fertilizers

For livestock, we recommend that a new well be constructed 100 feet away.



How do I know if I’m hiring a certified/licensed well expert?

You can verify if your driller is licensed by visiting this Ministry of Environment website; or contacting the Wells Help Desk at 1-888-396-9355 or



How often should I disinfect or clean my well?

We recommend you disinfect your well once every year. 


How do I chlorinate my well?

It’s quite simple—here’s how to do it yourself!


  1. First, mix a half-gallon of Javex with 5 gallons of water in a pail; and pour the mixture directly into your well. Then, run a water hose from your outside faucet into the well, and let it run for 1.5 to 2 hours.

  2. When removing the hose out of the well, run water on the ground until the coming out of the hose is clear. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours.

  3. Open all faucets inside your house and keep the water running until the chlorine smell disappears. (Do not drink or consume your water for a couple of days, as chlorine may still be present—even if there is no smell!)

  4. One week later, bring a sample of your water to your local Public Health unit, where they will perform a bacteria test.


Once a well is drilled on my property, who is responsible for the mess?

Northland strives to keep messes to a minimum. However, please be aware there may be some mud, ruts and cuttings. As the homeowner, you are responsible for the area after the well is drilled.



Does Northland drill in the winter?

Winter drilling is dependent on the weather. If you have a project in mind for the colder months, please contact us directly to discuss.


What do you charge?

Our prices are based on footage and the area where the well is drilled. We are happy to provide a detailed breakdown: simply contact our office for more information.

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